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Reviews (Continued)
Joan Taylor, Lancanshire, England
Dog's Name: Alun
Easy to do with great results

Mary Eagan, Orlando, FL, USA
Dog's Name: Marta
I modified my dog's diet as Vern recommended...The problem went away very quickly. Thank you Vern!

Hank Ferry, Lake Orion, MI, USA
Dog's Name: Chase
I changed Chase's diet… and the her nasty habit cleared up in a week or two. Thanks Vern

Maree Dixon, Maitland, FL, USA
Dog's Name: Coco
I was amazed that it took less than 2 weeks for Coco to stop this behaviour.

Amy W., Fairfax, VA, USA
Dog's Name: Daisy
Thank you - was finally able to stop this disgusting habit. Your site is very informative and an awesome resource.

Monica Varga, Chessington, London, England
Dog's Name: Sonja
It helped in just a few days, she doesn't eat poop anymore, we can enjoy our walking. Thanks a lot!

Dawn Alridge, Kent, U.K.
Dog's Name: Hope
The programme wad brilliant. Mainly because it had worked. For my dog this has provided the answer.

KC Johnson, Sparks, NV, USA
Dog's Name: LIttle Bear
After downloading the file, I followed the instructions. Within a week, Little Bear (a Malti-chon) stopped with his extra-curricular eating and found a preference for the high-grade dog foods I feed my little guys. I was impressed by the information in this ebook and hope any dog owner facing this problem will do what I did. It works.

Lisa B., Worcester, MA, USA
Dog's Name: Tucker
All I can say is it really helped us get through this awful period and Tucker no longer is eating poop.

Karen Shioji, Hilo, HI, USA
Dog's Names: Zen & Happy
it worked! No more poop eating!

Danielle Wood, Malton, North Yorkshire, England
Dog's Name: Lola
The guide certainly gave me an idea of how to cope with what my dog was doing and I'm pleased to say she no longer has the bad habit

Rex Varney, Wayne, WV, USA
Dog's Name: Rocky
I used your ideas which worked great rocky was just a small pup at the time I was trying to find the balance in his diet. Once I was able to feed him what he needed he turned around and is a healthy 78 pound German Shepard. Rocky is a very special dog with a breed line back 70 years failure for this K-9 unit was not an road I wanted to go down. Thanks you all your help. Sgt. Varney badge 603

Lori Hale, Daleville, IN, USA
Dog's Name: Sandy
Did it 2 times and it worked sandy stop eating her poop thank u

Jessica Chandler, Hillsboro, OH, USA
Dog's Name: Chase
I followed your directions for changing Chase's diet and he immediately quit eating his or any other poop. It appears he had lack of something in his system as so you explained... Best wishes to you and I recommend that anyone with the same pet trouble please try Vern's program. Thank you.

Terry Lambart, Texas, USA
Dog's Name: Fritz
Very good information… thanks a bunch. Highly recommended.

Sheila Sardina, San Jose, CA, USA
Dog's Name: Betty Boop
There was some very helpful information to help me stop my dog from eating her poo. I'm happy to say I put the suggestions to work right away and it worked! Thank you!

Kathy Goulet, Ft. Worth, TX, USA
Dog's Names: Sammy, Jake & Buckeye
The coprophagia stopped completely within three days. This was a problem I thought would never go away but it did. I can't begin to tell you how greatful I am for your guidance. Thank you!!!

Colleen Graves, Ontario, Canada
Dog's Name: Zoe
Your advice was the best l found.

Angus Dajvison, South Africa
Dog's Name: Gina
Most helpful

Kaye Fuller, NSW, Australia
Dog's Name: Dashe
I followed your advice to upgrade Dasher's diet and I fed him larger amounts for a short while. That made a big difference and he stopped searching for rubbish.

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